There are fifteen senate committees. The committees can be searched by clicking on their names along the side of this page. You will find meeting dates, membership rosters and meeting minutes. Chairs and co-chairs of Senate committees are considered members of Faculty Assembly. If you have any additonal questions, please contact the Senate Office at 412-624-6505.


Active Issues Under Consideration in Senate Committees


Issue Status Committee


Planning and Budgeting Oversight

Salary Increase and Appeals Policy Oversight



Budget Policies

Emily Murphy or

Tyler Bickford

Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement completed Community Relations

Jennifer Cousins or

Shenay Jeffrey

Cataloging free software for faculty completed CITC Michael Spring

Language used for NTS faculty labels and titles

Review of Guidelines for the Annual Review of Faculty

Review of the Proposed Non Discrimination Policy

Approved by Faculty Asssembly, sent to Provost Cudd



Faculty Affairs


Irene Frieze or

Lorraine Denman

Recruitment of faculty, staff, students and alumni to participate in Pitt Day on Marcy 17, 2020 (and future Pitt Days)

Direct Interatction with Government Partners to Represent Pitt Interests.

Title VI Coordination with Federal Partners to Support Language and International Studies






Continuing - Lunch with State Senator Pam Iovino (March 27, 2020)





Governmental Relations Paul Adams

Student analytics and enhanced individualized guidance

Upward mobility of Pittsburgh graduates



Student Admissions, Aid and Affairs Committee

Marylou Gramm 

or Juan Taboas