There are fifteen senate committees. The committees can be searched by clicking on their names along the side of this page. You will find meeting dates, membership rosters and meeting minutes. Chairs and co-chairs of Senate committees are considered members of Faculty Assembly. If you have any additonal questions, please contact the Senate Office at 412-624-6505.


Active Issues Under Consideration in Senate Committees


Issue Status Committee



Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) and Pitt Wellness & Recreation Center

Ongoing Athletics & Recreation Mike Epitropoulos

Examining on campus faculty and staff health resources; ways that our various benefits apply to faculty, staff and family members who are out of state

Ongoing Benefits & Welfare Linda Tashbook

Planning and Budgeting Oversight

RCM & Shaping the Workplace Initiative


Budget Policies  
Campus safety, policy review for safety & campus environment, Senate capital budget process input, Year of Wellbeing and the Campus environment Ongoing CUPS Jeanine Buchanich or David Salcido
Data Privacy. How can we standardize information about where to go when challenges arise? Ongoing CITC Ilia Murtazashvili
Classroom recordings, Assessment of teaching and ACIE, Growth and assesment of Outlier Ongoing Ed. Policies

David Wert         John Stoner or  Bonnie Falcione

Disability advocacy on campus also looking into the frequency & circumstances surrounding transcipt witholding @ Pitt Ongoing EIADAC Ally Bove or        Natasha Tokowicz

The SLC is working on an initiative to promote Pitt scholars whose work is public-facing and/or supportive of expanding possibilities for open scholarship. In line with this effort, a project is underway to write a series of profiles for the University Times.

Ongoing Library Karen Shephard

Working with HR and Faculty Affairs to promote DEI in hiring across research and in particular focusing on how to retain research faculty and employees.

Working with UPSOM and UPMC to better enable IT crossover with Pitt and facilitation of research data sharing and access to patient records for research

Ongoing Research Melanie Scott or Katherine Wood
Support for Students who Observe Ramadan (transportation, meal availability, etc), Student academic performance in a test-optional admissions environment, Data security issues for students, campus security ongoing SAAA Nancy Glynn or Sybil Streeter