NTS ad hoc committee

At the September 3, 2013 Faculty Assembly meeting, Vice President Irene Frieze made a motion to create an ad hoc committee that would focus on issues related to non tenure stream faculty. This builds on an earlier resolution passed by Faculty Assembly (Nov. 27, 2012) and Senate Council (Dec. 5, 2012). 

Background: There are several issues arising that relate to faculty. Part time and adjunct faculty, non-tenure stream faculty, and other new types of faculty appointments are increasing. These trends help to make institutions more agile and responsive to the needs of the University community. Our policies and procedures should contribute to the welfare of all faculty.

Resolved, the Faculty Assembly endorses the creation of an ad hoc committee charged with the analysis of university policies and procedures related to non-tenure stream faculty, both part-time and full-time with an eye to adjustments that may need to be made and positioning of responsibility for consideration of these matters within the standing committees of the Senate, as well as identification of issues not currently within the purview of an existing standing committees.  As examples, issues might include:

  • Senate bylaws changes related to membership in the Senate
  • Consistency of School and University policies on non-tenure stream faculty
  • Use of titles for non-tenure stream faculty
  • Contract wording, evaluation process, and grievances
  • Benefits

The motion passed unanimously.

Members of the ad hoc committee may be drawn from faculty, staff, and students. In particular, key constituencies will include: the Provost’s office, heavily impacted departments and schools and standing committees of the Senate. The committee will be chaired by Irene Frieze.