Campus Utilization, Planning and Safety

Mission Statement

The Campus Utilization, Planning and Safety Committee advises the University Senate on matters concerning the physical infrastructure and environs of the University and their use in safe, responsible, equitable and inclusive manners. Its responsibilities include reviewing the capital budget and plans for new construction; monitoring the renovation and maintenance of existing facilities; advising on issues of safety and accessibility on campus; supporting safe, responsible means of transportation; investigating the utilization of space and energy; encouraging and monitoring prudent use of all physical resources; reviewing the design and renovation of classrooms and research facilities; and advising on projects that affect the quality of life of the University and associated communities. The Committee provides for faculty, student, and staff involvement in carrying out its mission and reports to, as required, the Faculty Assembly, the Senate Council, and the officers of the University Senate. (revised September 21, 2020)


Sustainability at Facilities Management