Community Relations

Mission and Goals:


The community relations committee is comprised of faculty and staff representation from across various schools within the University of Pittsburgh, liaisons from Community and Governmental Relations, Community Engagement, Community Relations, Facilities Management and City/County Relations at the University and several pro-team members and partners from the Community.


The Senate Community Relations Committee's mission is to understand how the University operates within and serves the surrounding community.  We share a commitment to the development and maintenance of bidirectionality between the University and the community. As a committee we are dedicated to our continued efforts of anti-racism, equity, and inclusivity.


The goals of the Community Relations Committee are to:

  • Embody and actively promote mutual benefits, reciprocity and knowledge creation between the university and the communities through active listening, humility and caring. 
  • Build upon commitment and action with diverse communities and neighborhoods. 
  • Strengthen partnerships with the University of Pittsburgh’s Community Partners. 
  • Maintain and expand community relations and community engagement efforts. 
  • Function as an institutional community relations and engagement review entity. 
  • Report findings and recommendations to the Senate.

Reviewed January 2021, voted and adopted October 2021