Educational Policies

Mission Statement


The responsibilities of the Educational Policies Committee include: 1) initiating proposals and recommendations that will stimulate the development of excellence in the intellectual programs and teaching climate of the University and 2) to study reactions to University-wide issues and proposals related to the educational aspects of academic plans and programs.  Specifically, the Committee studies and offers advice on preliminary papers on academic policy and planning that emanate from the offices of the Chancellor, the Provost, the Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences, and other major administrative offices.

The Committee also may initiate proposals and recommendations related to the academic programs or the intellectual climate and image of the University.  Such proposals or recommendations usually will be channeled through the Senate for further discussion before being brought to the attention of the University administration.  This, however, does not preclude the possibility that in some instances the Committee will explore the feasibility of a proposal directly with administrators before it is transmitted to the Senate.

Some examples of initiatives and issues that have been considered by the Committee during the last few years are:  developing a statement re: classroom recording; explore issues related to ADD/DROP deadlines and policies; collaborate with the Senate Committee on Admissions and Student Aid to address issues related to retention; and working with the Registrar's Office to suggest changes to the Pitt transcripts.


The chairperson may appoint sub-committees as needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the Educational Policies Committee.  Such sub-committees will be chaired by a member of the EPC, but sub-committee members may be recruited both from within and outside of the EPC.  Sub-committees may be appointed to study proposals received by the Committee and to recommend possible courses of action to the Committee, or they may explore other matters on the Committee's agenda.

(Revised November 2011)