Student Admissions, Aid and Affairs Committee

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Committee is to serve as a channel through which concerns relating to admissions, financial aid or student affairs among undergraduate and graduate students may be brought to the attention of the faculty, the University administration and the University Senate. We believe diversity benefits and enriches the development of all of our students, staff, and faculty.

In order to carry out the above mission, this Committee shall:

  • Facilitate communication between undergraduate and graduate students and the University Senate. 
  • Offer counsel to undergraduate and graduate students, the University administration, faculty, staff, and the Senate on matters regarding student admissions, financial aid, relations, programs, and services within the University. 
  • Formulate recommendations to the University administration and to the Senate on the implementation of University policies affecting undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of admissions, financial aid and student affairs, including admission criteria, financial aid policies, recruitment activities and retention efforts.
  • Review trends in undergraduate and graduate admissions, financial aid and student affairs and their impact on the University, including reviewing progress in URM recruitment, enrollment and retention.
  • The committee is an advocate for the promotion and advancement of equitable practices that support the growth, vibrancy, and quality of all students.

While these activities are necessary in order to make recommendations and identify potential problems/issues that need further investigation and/or action, it is not necessary for all these activities to be done yearly. It is the responsibility of the Committee members to identify areas to be addressed each year.